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Swap-o-Rama-Rama is a workshop/event in conjunction with Hackers and Haute Couture Heretics Exhibition curated by Otto von Busch (www.selfpassage.org), at Garanti Gallery 4th Sept-11th October

[4pm - 11pm]
Heretics Party
[9pm - 3am]

Swap-O-Rama-Rama, is a public clothes swap and hack. There will be a dozen sewing machines and assorted clothing that will be re-worked by local fashion designers into fresh designs. Bring a bag of your old clothes that are hiding in the back of your wardrobe and reconstruct them into something new! This fun activity begins 4:00pm and lasts until 11:00pm. After 9:00pm, the Swap will merge into the Heretics party which will top off the Swap with a dazzling haute-couture fashion experience of Swap-created designs!

Hackers and haute Couture Heretics Exhibition

[September-October] :: Hackers and haute Couture Heretics in Istanbul

During the 10th Istanbul Biennale Otto von Busch is organizing the exhibition "Hackers and Haute Couture Heretics" at the Garanti Gallery. It will consist of a relay of designers and artists doing workshops and teaching methods for how to approach fashion from other angles that the traditional logics of the system.

The “Hackers and Haute Couture Heretics” exhibition investigates how fashion can be hacked, recircuited and transmutated. The participating artists and designers use hacking, shopdropping, and craftivism as tactics used in the outskirts of fashion and explore these methods further through a series of open workshops at the gallery. During the six-week relay the artists and designers taking part in the exhibition propose new ways of operating within the fashion system, reverse engineer the concept of fashion in order to find ways to practically hack it. These artists and designers are not subverting fashion as much as subconstructing it, tuning it, and making its subroutines run in new ways.

To avoid the exhibition to be an isolated art event at Garanti Gallery it was crucial to collaborate with an established and exclusive fashion brand to make a connection between hacking practices and the premier grade dream producers. Thus the exhibition was preceded by the project “Vakko Vamps”, where the participating artists and designers hacked products by the exclusive Turkish fashion brand Vakko. The glossy lifestyle objects of high fashion were reformed into objects representing other possible sides of fashion, products that are now injected back into the Vakko collections as new objects of desire.

Participating artists and dates they run workshops (every evening 18-20 at the gallery):

Giana Gonzalez (PA): 1 sept-12 sept (www.hacking-couture.com)
Stephanie Syjuko (US) : 10 sept – 23 sept (www.stephaniesyjuco.com)
Megan Nicolay (US) : 16 sept – 23 sept (www.generation-t.com)
Cat Mazza (US) : 21 sept – 28 sept (www.microrevolt.org)
Junky Styling (UK) : 27 sept – 1 oct (www.junkystyling.co.uk)
Rudiger Schlomer (DE) : 30 sept - 7 oct (www.stromgasse.de)
SHRWR (SE) : 1 oct – 11 oct (www.shrwr.org)

more information at the www.selfpassage.org site

Event InfoName:
Swap-O-Rama-Rama Workshop & Heretics party
one night only
Garanti Gallery&Istanbul Street Style
Music/Arts - Opening
Time and PlaceStart Time:
Thursday, September 6, 2007 at 4:00pm
End Time:
Friday, September 7, 2007 at 3:00am
The Hall
Kucuk Bayram Sokagi No:7 Beyoglu (Emek sinemasi Karsisi)

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